“It was a great pleasure to be asked to provide a reference for Corey Impelmans and his world famous Man Ho Academy of Martial Arts in Darwin.

I have known Corey for over 15 years and have seen him train and coach fighters on a number of occasions. He is an excellent coach and teacher and has achieved many successes in the Martial Arts. Corey always performs extremely well in high pressure competitive situations.

As a Martial Arts Coach he has few peers. His knowledge and style of instruction make him highly sought after as a Martial Arts Coach. On several occasions he has been the official coach of the Australian Team for the WMC World Championships. On a personal note Corey is always the first person I call if I have any issues with a competitor I am coaching and where I need some advice and guidance. The classes at his Academy are always well attended and I get wonderful reviews from the students who are lucky enough to be coached by him.

I have also seen Corey operate as an official and Promoter at Martial Arts events where he generously donates his time to assist in the development of other younger and less experienced Martial Artists. Corey is an excellent official who always exhibits not only an excellent knowledge of rules, correct conduct and safety procedures he also exhibits a high level of emotional intelligence when dealing with emotional coaches, parents or spectators.

Not only is Corey able to impart his considerable knowledge in an effective and logical manner he is also able to maintain a safe training environment wherever possible. I have absolutely no reservation in recommended Corey to any person who is seeking a world class Martial Arts experience. Please do not hesitate to contact me on 0411 700 607 if you need any additional information on Corey or myself. Listed below is a brief summary of my qualifications in this field.”

– Justin Boylan | Dip Bus Admin | Cert IV Training and Assessing

“We train at the Academy, my son and I, professional and family orientated a great recipe for defining achievement, could not recommend it more”

– Shayne O,Connell | Thai Boxing & Fitness

“I started from nothing, now I do fitness, kung fu and thai boxing, confidence is on a high and the Academy always delivers on enhancing that totally recommend it.”

– Luke Ezzy | Fitness Kung Fu & Thai Boxing

“My initial goal was some fitness now through the Academies program I have achieved, fitness, conditioning and a competency in martial arts , couldn’t recommend it more.”

– Paul Marcenic | Fitness Kung Fu Thai Boxing


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