Terms and Conditions

I understand that I am undertaking training at the Academy at my own personal risk and do not hold the Academy responsible for any injury or incidents whilst at the Academy and/or any liability costs that may be incurred.

I understand my “pay in advance” membership is a product purchased in advance.

I understand my membership fee is required to be paid whether or not I attend class.

I understand that I need to manage my health and fitness to attend the Academy and if my medical condition changes I am to advise the Academy and consult with my doctor prior to continuing training.

I am to abide by the Academy staff’s directions and requests, as well as the Academy protocols and policies.

I understand that I am to abide by the Academy rules and regulations at all times.

In the case where my fees are in arrears, the Academy reserves the right to deny access to training sessions as well as the Academy facilities.

To cancel my membership, I must inform the academy in writing in advance of my current membership completion date. The Academy can take up to 30 days to formalise my membership cancellation in line with my minimum contract period.

The Academy has a minimum 3 month membership period under which no cancellation or suspension is applicable. A member is subject to and accepts any formal public holidays endorsed by the Academy.

The Academy has optional 6 month & 12-month memberships available.

I understand that I need to be at the Academy up to 15 minutes prior to my class wearing my proper training attire and training kit, and will keep appropriate personal hygiene.

I am required to sign into each class before it begins.

I have read and understand the ” Value for money ” part of my membership.

# access to training training times as per my membership
# access to combine my training programs
# access to events and promotions
# access to martial arts & fitness training as per my membership

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