We offer training 50 weeks a year and our facility is fully functional with all of the equipment you need to enjoy every aspect of your training.

Our instructors are fully certified in the different disciplines and are passionate about teaching what they love.

Over time, members progress through the training curriculum and as you progress the Academy has an established certification and ranking systems for each level of your achievements in martial arts & fitness.

First Time at Man Ho Academy

Revisiting at Man Ho Academy

ACADEMY Fight Team – TEAM MANHO – Home of Real Muay Thai

Team MANHO is a Professional & Amateur fight team competing in full contact Muay Thai locally, Nationally & Internationally. The Academy progresses all its athletes through our FRP ( Fight Ready Program ) if you want to be the best you can be Join Us Today, no experience required.


Martial Arts Juniors/Adults

Kung fu / Kick boxing for ages 6-10 years old. with a full curriculum and training progression in the arts & fitness. Fun and proven program giving an understanding of self defence by way of confidence and self challenges.

Kung Fu / Kick boxing for ages 11-16yrs old, with a full curriculum and training progression in the arts & fitness. Traditional & Competition training available, self discipline and enhancing respect by training with others and taking on challenges.

A full curriculum teaching forms, weaponry & the 4 ranges of combat, kick, punch, close quarter & ground application. A complete Grading system starting at Yellow Belt to Black belt and an opportunity to be Trainer and or Instructor at the ACADEMY. Start anytime any age any level the ACADEMY would look forward to helping you grow in confidence, capability and self-discovery. The ACADEMY over 30 years Strong.


Thai Boxing Juniors/Adults

Thai boxing for ages 6-9, 10 to Teens & Adults with a full Ranking system of Levels from 1- 5, then Trainer Credentials the academy incorporates a full training progression in Thai boxing. The Academy has over 30 years in teaching, developing and progressing students through the Art of 8 Limbs. To achieve a social level of fitness and skills or an ALLETE level of Professional competition start today at the Academy, no experience required.



Womens Only BOXING program is suited and designed to cater for all ages and levels of Fitness.

We have a Paid Trial option just email [email protected] for details.

In making a decision on weather to start up in this program just consider the following

  • I am willing to do the work
  • I am open to learn something
  • I am able to be consistent  

If this suits you we can achieve any goal you set in place. Call 0419 751769 & set up an appointment to visit the ACADEMY remember the first step is the one that will always get you to where you are going.



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