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Classes are purchased in advance so there are no contract break costs.

You have the option to include a personal performance program and are allowed full use of our functional, general, and conditioning training areas once enrolled.

You have access to personal trainers for individual development, an invitation to our events and seminars with a front-row seat option, and access to our Facebook page, which lists Academy activities, training tips, and nutritional tips.

The Academy has been established for 30 years, and as a member you have the benefit of its history of experience available for your use.

The Academy has a family environment which welcomes all to train and participate at any level.

The Academy is affiliated nationally and internationally so we have regular visitors. As a member, you can attend a seminar or get a one-on-one session with some of the world’s renowned martial artists.

The Academy can provide a complete and individualized lifestyle program.

The Academy has a ” Value for money ” program inline with your individual membership

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Picking the right program can be overwhelming. Let us help you!